Most of us are direct when we talk. We say what's on our mind. But maybe what we're saying isn't 'landing' the way we intend. Here's a few examples of phrases, and what people thought when they heard them.

"With the greatest respect". Less than half saw that statement as a way of someone letting you know your views are being heard, but they don't agree.  However, more than half think it means anything but respect. They think when one says "with the greatest respect' it really means they don't think you're very smart.

"I hear what you say". Majority says it means I accept your point of view.  Minority thinks if someone says that to you it really means 'they disagree and don't want any further discussion'

"You must come for dinner" Just over a third of us actually believe they'll be having dinner together soon. The vast majority don't view that statement as a real invitation.

"O.K. I'm done here" Oh Oh, what does that mean?


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