It's been a tough road to be so cooped-up for so long. Fantasy time. What 'aisle' are you looking forward to walking down once we have our freedom again?

Right off the bat, let me say if it's Church because of a wedding, good for you.  I couldn't imagine having such a special day so extra difficult to plan and execute. Lots have gotten married on Zoom and will have the reception when we are allowed to gather, but I totally understand those that have no interest in having such a traditional day, be so non traditional

Not sure how soon I'll be getting on a plane. I flew the week before the lock down in March and that was strange enough, and there were just a few cases in the entire country then.

And who knows how soon we'll be able to go down the aisle at a sporting event or a concert. Obviously with the number of people involved, that will be one of the last things.

Do restaurants even have aisles? Well, I'm sure you get the thought.

The movie theater aisle might be some time for me, I've watched so many movies at home in the past few months.

Speaking of aisles, no one has asked my opinion, but for my dime I love the one way aisles in the grocery stores and hope that stays into the future.

Thanks for taking part in the Q106.5 Morning Show Poll.  Appreciate your vote, and we appreciate you listening. May the aisles of your dreams return sooner rather then later.

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