Motorists will want to put their winter driving skills to work this morning as some roadways and bridges are covered in black ice.

Slow and easy wins the race. Those are wise words this morning as we're told that, before 7:00 this morning, several vehicles had already slid off the interstate near Hogan Road in Bangor. One woman who called this morning said that she was going less than 30 miles per hour because the road was slick. And one of our coworkers said the I-395 overpass between Bangor and Brewer is a sheet of ice.

We have to remind ourselves each year on the basics of winter driving. First and foremost, check the temperature and, if it's below freezing as it is this morning, be prepared for frozen patches on the roads. Assume it's slippery and slow down. Don't tailgate and approach intersections slowly, so you're giving yourself plenty of room and time to stop. And be sure your cell phone is fully charged so, if you do go off the road, you can call for help!

We've done really well this year, avoiding snow and ice, but let's face it, Thanksgiving is two days away. Welcome to winter!