A person who was caught on surveillance video stealing bags of bottles and cans in Greene should have left their tiny dog at home.

Why Did They Take the Dog Along?

As a dog owner, I get it. They love to ride in the car and you feel so guilty leaving them at home alone, especially at night. But, in this case, the person's activity would have gone a lot smoother if the pup had been chilling on the couch, waiting for their owner to come home.

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What's On the Video?

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office posted a video of a heist in the town of Greene, which is about a half hour south of Augusta. Someone parked their car outside BeBe's Bottle Redemption and left the car door open as they loaded bag after bag of returnables inside. Anyone who has ever owned a dog can tell you what happened next. As the person was turned away from the vehicle, the dog hopped out and decided to explore the area. I think my favorite part of this video is when the person is looking around one side of the car, and the dog comes running around the other side and right behind the owner.

Who Do I Contact If I Think I Know This Person?

All kidding aside, however, this person broke the law and Corporal Darien Nadeau of the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office would really like to know who it is. If you think you know, you can reach Corporal Nadeau at 207-753-2599.

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