This was an incredible story to stumble upon.

We try to shop as locally as possible but for a lot of basic or even weird needs, we rely on Amazon to get things ASAP and for inexpensive prices.

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But what about people living in remote places off the beaten path? They need their packages, too!

Amazon Package Delivery to Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Island is an incredibly unique, charming, and beautiful place 10 miles off the coast of Maine. Amazon’s Facebook page recently posted a video and story explaining how they deliver packages to the island and it involves a lot of local Mainer’s hard work.

And of course, with most Maine things, some wicked cool history is involved, too.

As Amazon shares, the first step is the residents’ packages arriving to a U.S. sort center where a third-party carrier picks them up to deliver them to Port Clyde.


Once at Port Clyde, Mainer Andy Barstow transports them to the island. This is where it gets wicked local and wicked cool.

Laura B. World War II Transport

Andy Barstow is the owner of the Monhegan Boat Line and they use the vessel Laura B. to transport the goods across the sea to the island year round.

Amazon News via YouTube

Laura B. is a 65-foot wooden boat that was used in World War II to transport packages. As the article shares, the wooden vessel was crafted in 1943 and commissioned by the Army Transportation Corps and has sailed to Monhegan since 1953.

The boat still has 90% of the original wood planking and frames!

Locals Finish the Job

Once the boat arrives to the dock, Mainer Angela Iannicellie delivers the packages in her old pickup truck to all the residents who ordered their needs. Iannicellie has lived on the island for 18 years, so she is a happy and familiar face to locals.

This feels like a storybook! It is so local, so charming, so precious and I love every bit of it. This is the definition of living locally, having a familiar friendly face delivering your packages.

Monhegan Island

The island has no paved roads, no car ferries to travel, and the approximately 70 people who live there throughout the year travel the 1-square-mile island by foot or golf cart, so this service is extremely helpful.

Amazon News via YouTube

There is a post office, general, store, school, and more, which makes living on this island year round possible.

I loved stumbling upon this story and watching the videos put a smile on my face. These are the local stories I love to hear and see.

This is wicked cool!

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