What would You do if you heard the  Doctor Say Cancer

It might be difficult to even imagine how you would react if you are at  the Doctor's office and he says the word cancer.

Got to hit like a ton of bricks. Speechless. With the first question "Now what?"

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You have to form a plan. And if you are in Washington County there is a conference tomorrow, November 4th to support the cancer community.

The event will be held from 8am until 1:30 pm at the Lee/Pellon Center in Machias and the focus is on finding peace in planning your cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

The Christine B. Foundation and Beth C Wright Cancer Resource Center will be co-hosting their continued programming collaboration.

Christine B. Foundation Executive Director Matt Dexter describes the day:

We're excited to offer an experience to conference goers that will leave them with answers to some of their unique needs and preferences. Through the day, patients, caregivers and survivors will explore the various parts of the 5 Wishes Conversation Guide and leave with a toolkit for their own journey.

Sessions on navigating healthcare decisions and learning to advocate for yourself will be a part of the program, among other cancer care planning topics.

Conference information is here.

The Christine B Foundation is a service-providing nonprofit, building a community of support for those affected by cancer. Christine was a mother, sister, wife and friend to many who lost her battle with stomach cancer at the age of 47.

The Beth C Wright Cancer Resource Center provides compassion, support, wellness groups, advocacy and education for patents, families and friends in the midst of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and/or remission.

If this is for you, go ahead a make the much needed connection. And if you know of someone who was just diagnosed, reach out in support with the information.

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