A Warren man is facing charges for a scary road rage incident, involving a firearm and another driver.

Thomaston Police reported on the department's Facebook page, that they were alerted to the incident on Wednesday evening. Michael Bates of Warren was traveling on Atlantic Highway on a motorcycle when he passed another vehicle. Bates then allegedly drew a firearm from a holster in his waistband and pointed it directly at the driver of the vehicle he had just passed. He then reportedly drove off, at a high rate of speed, passing several other vehicles on the way.

Officers Stevens and Leonardi located Bates off Atlantic Highway in Warren and pulled him over. A firearm was recovered from Bates and seized as evidence in the case. Police say the gun was loaded with a round in the chamber.

Michael Bates is charged with aggravated reckless conduct and transported to the Knox County Jail, without incident. He was later released on bail.

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