Come on. You know you want one. Not a fire engine red-colored vehicle. An actual fire engine. Red in color of course.

Imagine the envy from your neighbors if you pulled your new-to-you 1975 Pierce Pumper (refurbished in 1996) into your dooryard.

Or really wow them with the 1991 Autocar by Volvo White/GMC Tanker/Pumper.

They are for sale by auction at municibid dot com. Click Maine.

This is the older and lower bid one that the Town of Dresden is selling and the auction ends this afternoon for this one, so hurry hurry hurry.

And the more expensive, newer fire engine

Now think back to childhood.  Didn’t you at one time or another dream of being a fireman.  Did you ever get the opportunity to climb up and into a fire truck? Instant wow factor. Imagine as an adult pushing the button that sets off the siren. Let it wail, baby. I can’t imagine how much that would impress that neighbor that always tries to outdo everyone with his or her ‘toys’. Your kids will rave about you being the coolest parents anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

And hey Town of Dresden, you got any ice cream trucks for sale. There’s a woman I am trying to impress, and that just might put things over the edge.

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