One Maine woman is meeting an opportunity of a lifetime head-on and looking fabulous while doing it!

Heather Jo Doucette of Corinna submitted photos to Inked Magazine and is now competing to be one of the 15 finalists to win a photoshoot for the cover of the magazine as well as a cool $25,000.

Voting begins to narrow down the contestants starting Tuesday, January 18 at noon eastern standard time. After that, the public has until February 3 to vote. After multiple rounds of voting, the winner will be named on March 17. You can vote for Heather at this link and share her entry on FB with your New England friends.

Credit: Kristen McKay Photo
Credit: Kristen McKay Photo

A Surprise Competition

Heather Jo was not expecting anything to come of the contest after submitting pictures but, got word recently that she was chosen as one of the 25 finalists. Speaking with Heather Jo, she was surprised to get the chance. "I had submitted back in November with no real plan to be accepted," Doucette messaged to us, giving us the timeline of events. "And then on December 15th, I received an email stating I had been selected! I really couldn’t believe it. I considered backing out. I mean, what are my chances?! Then, I talked to my husband and he encouraged me to just go for it!"

$25k Could Open Doors For Doucette and Bangor

Doucette is excited to get an opportunity that could assist in meeting a goal of hers, to open up an art studio and gallery in the Bangor area. Doucette says painting is a passionate hobby of hers and her art has been displayed at Machias Savings Bank and has participated in local craft shows while working a full-time job along with maintaining the duties of motherhood.

Being able to open a space to call her own and open it up to enthusiasts and other artists is something she would really like to do. Doucette states: "I would love to have a studio/ gallery in the Bangor area! A space to create as well as display and host showings for anyone! I have found finding a place to display your art is one of the hardest parts of being a new artist! I want to help change that!!"

Vote and share!

Voting is on now. You can cast one vote per day or pay $10 for 10 votes. Good luck to you, Heather Jo! Maine and New England are pulling for you!

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