A Brewer motel that was damaged by fire a few months ago, is being demolished.

The September 6th fire affected several rooms in the Village Green Motel, that sits between Wilson and State Streets in Brewer. The end of the yellow motel closest to Wilson Street sustained significant damage, while the opposite end remained untouched. Also damaged in the fire was a vehicle parked in front of one of the rooms. State Fire Marshal's Office Investigators looked into the blaze but, ultimately, they were unable to determine an exact cause. It's unclear whether the fire started in the vehicle and spread to the motel, or originated inside one of the rooms. 21 people were displaced by the fire.

Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

Initially, the owners said they planned to rebuild. Windows and doors were boarded up on the damaged end and, in recent weeks, it appeared that there were people working on the structure. So, it came as a big surprise when I passed the site today and saw that most of the motel was gone. Construction equipment was making its way through the building, knocking it down, as a worker could be seen pulling out fittings and stacking them in the parking lot.

Police were familiar with the motel that has seen its share of problems, in recent years. Gary Green was convicted of criminal threatening and terrorizing after creating a standoff by pacing in front of the motel, brandishing an AK-47.

And, in 2012, two people were arrested for knocking on people's doors at the motel and threatening them with a machete.

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