Maine's largest ice fishing derby happened over the weekend around different parts of the state. The Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby had more than 1,600 entries this year, with people trying to get trophy salmon, cusk, most perch, and others. And of course, someone always has the honor of grabbing the biggest muskie.

This year, some awesome video was captured of Wade Kelly pulling an absolutely gigantic muskie out of the ice on Glazier Lake in St. Agatha. At one point, Wade is literally up to his shoulder reaching down the hole to get a good grip on the fish. But no one there expected to see the size of the fish that came flying outta there in Wade's hand.

The official weight came in just shy of 27lbs, at 26lbs 9oz. From my reading on the winners list on the LLIFD Facebook page, it was also the biggest fish of the whole derby. No matter what, it's pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime fish.

I've watched the video at least five times now, and it never really gets old. Granted, I'm a sucker for nature/fishing shows, but this is just such a big 'ole fish! Hopefully that beauty ends up over Wade's mantle, so he can re-tell the tale for years to come. And he has the video to prove it! Nice fishing Wade!

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