It was quite a shock to the entertainment world this week to learn of the passing of Verne Troyer. Best known for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers films, Troyer also was a staple on reality TV in the 2000's. Many appearances on VH1's The Surreal Life, MTV's Cribs, and Lifetime's Celebrity House Hunting. He also starred in countless films, and many one-off roles on TV.

He often made appearances at various Comic-Cons, and even came here to Bangor. I reached out to Christopher MacMillan, who brought Verne to Bangor for a Comic-Con a couple years back and had some great things to say about him in a post on the You Know You Grew Up In Bangor...Facebook page:

This pic makes me laugh a bit - I brought Verne Troyer up for the comic con a few years ago and I typically would get the celebs to take pics with Paul while here. But I gotta push them a bit.. He couldn’t wait to do it. I just learned that he passed away.
RIP Verne “you complete me, Mini Me” Troyer!

Ps. He enjoyed Bangor, a lot, he loved the small town feel and the polite people. I took him to Bar Harbor and he just wanted to sit and listen to the ocean.

Christopher was also kind enough to share this photo of Verne in front of the iconic Paul Bunyan statue when he was here. He said Verne loved the idea of taking a photo in front of the statue for the good humor of it.

Photo: Chirstopher MacMillan via Facebook
Photo: Chirstopher MacMillan via Facebook

We'll all miss Verne. Especially now, whenever we see a re-run of any of the Austin Powers movies on TV.  But we'll always have the memories.

Thanks Verne.

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