If you are planning to go to college, and still unsure if you really want to. And what you want to study and specialize in, this might be for you.

If you think when you go to college you’ll spend time with friends and beer, this might be for you.

And you might get a scholarship.

If you are past college age, yet you are a fan of craft beer and very Maine proud of what is produced here, you might think ‘Where was this when I was trying to decide on college?”

The University of Southern Maine has started the Brewing Up Opportunity program. And yes there will be a paid internship and scholarship fund, thanks to The Maine Beer Company.

Think you might want to be part of the next generation of Maine craft beer brewers you should check this out.

The internship part of the package is at the Maine Beer Company which is run by a graduate of USM.

The program is much more than just making beer.  It is drinking beer too. Actually, the truth is there will be programs to learn about tourism, the hospitality industry, food studies, marketing, engineering, finance, and design.

But there is plenty of time spent on beer and beer production.

As many reflect back on their college days, they’ll think the more things change the more things stay the same.

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