I think because Thanksgiving came around so late this year, it's got a lot of folks feeling the pinch to try and get all their holiday shopping done. And one of the biggest gambles sometimes during the holiday season, is how late you can actually order something online, and still get it delivered on time.

I saw on News Center Maine's website, that they actually had a short list of the big sources that people order from the most at the holidays, and just exactly how long you can procrastinate before you're doomed. In some cases, you're already kind of screwed. But, let's take a peek, shall we?

If you're a fan of buying on Amazon, but aren't a Prime member, your ship has already sailed. If you order something today, it's not likely to get here by Christmas. But if you are a Prime member, you can likely order right up until 12/22, and still get stuff on time.

If you order a lot of stuff this time of year from Target, then you've got almost no time left. Orders should be placed by 12/20 to ensure timely arrival. Although, if you order an item that's eligible for pickup in store, you might be able to snag it as late as Christmas eve.

Walmart says you can get two-day delivery orders in as late as 12/22, and they will get to you on time. There's also a bunch of same-day pickup items that you might be able to get right in your local store.

And Maine's largest retailer, L.L. Bean, also has some pretty liberal order times, depending on the item your looking for. Obviously, e-Gift Cards can be bought online, and are available immediately. But if you're looking to get boots or something like that delivered, get your order in by noon on 12/22.

Hopefully, having some of these dates in your back pocket will help you avoid a bit of the aggravation that can come along with trying to get all the Christmas shopping done. It's a lot of work under the best circumstances! But now you at least know what you're up against, so good luck and happy shopping!



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