Maine has been finding its way on a lot of major lists recently, like Vogue’s most highly anticipated hotels, the prettiest cities in the winter, Wallethub’s best places to live, and most popular national parks, just to name a few

The quiet of Covid caused an influx of people into our state, discovering its peaceful serenity, postcard-worthy views, and its natural wonders of the coast, forest, and mountains. You don’t have to tell the locals what we already know: Maine has it all.

Vacationland has landed itself on yet another list by a major publication, with USA Today naming it as one of the top 10 destinations to visit with kids in 2023.

Top 10 Destinations to Visit With Kids in 2023

It’s never a surprise to see Maine on a travel list but what is super random to me is Maine making it on such a small list among other random places around the world.

Portland, Maine, was listed as No. 6 for the best destinations to travel with the kiddos but the others on the list were places like Lake Como, Italy; Mendocino, California; and London. Is that not super random?

Evidently, the top destinations were pulled from places all around the world so no offense to Portland, but what are we doing on this list? That is strange to me.

In the article it said kids will love watching the lobster boats, riding a ferry to our Casco Bay Islands, eating seafood, and visiting the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine.

If that’s what’s getting pitched to bring kids to Portland, it’s not exactly a best-seller. I don’t know many kids who are dying to get their paws on some local seafood or ones that will stay entertained for more than 10 minutes watching a lobster boat but hey, Maine deserves its recognition so I guess it is cool that we keep landing on lists like this.

Plus, I don't have kids, so what do I know?

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