There's something I've been seeing on Facebook Marketplace recently that is kind of giving me the heebie-jeebies. You can now do more than just air your dirty laundry on the social media site. You can sell it, too!

Folks are selling brand new and “slightly” used bras and underwear on the site. I imagine we're all hurt for cash from time to time, but at what point do you start selling your unmentionables?

Now, let's not confuse this with the very sleazy practice of selling underwear on eBay. That's for a whole different reason, to a whole different clientele. This just seems to be folks who are legitimately looking to pawn off their old undies for mad money. Maybe selling your fancy-shmancy Victoria's Secret collection on Facebook really could fill that giant hole in your wallet in a way that selling your old CD Walkman may not.

I'm not judging, and I'm no stranger to needing some extra cash, but with record low unemployment levels, and a stock market rising in leaps and bounds, is selling your skivvies the answer? Who knows? But I know that after taking a quick inventory of my own underwear drawer, it's definitely safe to say that my wallet is destined to remain empty.

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