United States Marshals ended a months-long search for fugitive Cortez Strong on Tuesday, when he was apprehended in Bangor.

Strong has been known to Maine law enforcement agencies for some time, having been involved in three separate high-speed vehicle pursuits, earlier this month. Each time, he was able to get away. Police say at the time of the car chases, they didn't realize that the 25-year-old was a fugitive, sought by authorities in Illinois.

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When they realized there was a warrant out for his arrest in Illinois, on a charge of Criminal Sexual Assault, police called on the United States Marshal Service's Maine Violent Offender Task Force to aid in his capture. They tracked him to an address in Bangor. When the Marshals arrived, they found Strong as a passenger in a vehicle that was leaving the area. He briefly ran from authorities, but was quickly caught and taken into custody.

Cortez Strong is charged as a fugitive from justice and will be arraigned in Maine pending his extradition to Illinois.

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