Naturally, for a long time, there's been plenty of debate about how good or bad coffee is for you. Some folks have been led to believe that caffeine can be bad for the heart, and cause stiffening in the arteries. And that the more coffee you drink, the worse off you are. Well it turns out, that isn't necessarily the case.

According to, researchers in England did a pretty extensive study of the effects of caffeine on the body with a sizable group of over 8,000 people. They were broken into three categories: one cup or less a day, 1-3 cups per day, or over three cups.And some folks in the over three category were drinking more than five cups a day on average, with a few drinking as much as 25 CUPS OF COFFEE A DAY!

And what they found, after accounting for all unrelated health factors such as age, weight, smoking status, etc... was that folks who drank 3+ cups of coffee a day suffered no more tendency to develop hardening of the arteries than someone who only drank a cup or less.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, they're not implying anyone should be consuming as much as 25 cups a day. Though most of us have had those days, where we certainly feel like we could chug down 25. But even these folks stayed basically healthy.

So you what I'm gonna do then? I'm headed straight out to the office kitchen, and in the immortal words of Dolly Parton, I'm gonna pour myself another cup of ambition, and get workin' 9-5!

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