National Transit Driver Appreciation Day is held every year in March. This year it is Saturday, March 18th.

However, the City of Bangor and Food & Medicine - Transportation for all is hosting an Appreciation event today, Friday the 17th, at Noon in Pickering Square adjacent to the Bangor Area Transit Center on Water Street

The event is to help raise awareness of the importance of public transportation while encouraging everyone to give transit a try.

Bangor Area Transit Center 5, Bangor Maine Historic Queen City on the Move Facebook
Bangor Area Transit Center 5, Bangor Maine Historic Queen City on the Move Facebook

And of course the event as the event name suggests is to celebrate the public service that public transit vehicle operators provide.

The event at Noon today will feature guest speakers, including Councilor Clare Davitt, Bus Driver and Union Steward Tiffany Lister, Food and Medicine Director Jack McKay, State Rep Amy Roeder, and Bus Superintendent Laurie Linscott.

Attend to learn about the importance of advocacy and public transportation, as well as to recognize the dedication and work of our local transit drivers.

The Community Connector services a large geographic area including areas of Bangor, Hampden, Veazie, Brewer, Old Town, Orono and the University of Maine.

Everyone is invited and all should be cautious as vehicles are coming and going at the Transit Center.

Community Connector
City of Bangor, Maine - City Hall via Facebook

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