Several weeks ago, I posted an article about how the town of Guilford was holding onto some urns that belonged to folks who had never been claimed by any family members. For the most part, their efforts paid off. Almost all the urns they had in their custody, have been reunited with family of some kind. But sadly, they're still trying to locate family of just one more person. His name is Sumner Dyer.

Sumner died in the town of Wellington back in 1986, and until recently, a local funeral home had been holding his and five other folks remains. When that home closed, the town of Guilford took care of them, and began looking to reconnect families with their passed relatives, WFVX-TV22.

Town officials have located the burial site of his father in South Portland, but have not been able to find any living family to connect him to. They say if no one can be located, they will send his urn to South Portland to be placed in the same plot as his father. But at this time, haven't given up hope.

I think probably a lot of folks fear dying alone. But this is the worst kind of alone I could think of. Sure, Sumner Dyer isn't here to complain, but imagine having no one in the world know you're even gone, except people who don't know you, and can't find any of your family.

On the other hand, it's probably better than being remembered by no one at all. In the meantime, I'll keep crossing my fingers that his family can be found.

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