Remember that whole super moon thing a few years back?

It was the last total lunar eclipse I remember. It was a full moon, and it rose early, so it looked absolutely gigantic in the sky. It almost looked like it was going to fall in the lake out to camp. And then slowly, the eclipse began, and it was pretty cool. Slowly, the moon turned red and pretty much disappeared until it started slowly fading back in.

It seemed pretty impressive at the time. Although, I feel like it wasn't too far after that when we had a total solar eclipse and had a chance to see the opposite. But at least lunar eclipses you can just watch and don't need any special glasses or anything to keep from burning out your retinas.

This Sunday night will be the last total lunar eclipse for 3 years.

It's true. That's just the way the ball bounces. Once we have this one, we won't see another one until 2025. Seems crazy, but you know, there's orbits and geometry involved. There's advanced mathematics that can calculate these things. I can barely add 2 +3, so luckily it's not on me to figure it out.

But this certainly provides anyone that is inclined to do any sky watching/star gazing, with plenty of incentive to check it out. I'm sure we'll have some partial eclipses, but this is the last full one. According to WGME, it should begin around 9:30pm and will peak at 11:30pm, and at that point, it will slowly return to normal.

Someone like me who's typically asleep by that time may miss it. Especially because it's on a Sunday night. Why can't the math Gods of the universe plan these things on a weekend?! Oh well.


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