If you are  a coffee drinker, it’s just another day.  Another day of doing what you do every morning. Drink coffee.  If you are not a coffee drinker, I doubt because it’s National Coffee Day you rush out to the local barista and after staring at the menu board for 10 minutes try to figure out what you want.

Remember coffee before pumpkin spice? When it was just coffee. Or as John Wayne called it ‘mud’. Sure there were lattes and espressos and cappuccinos, but they were rare.  I remember because coffee shops became so popular a buddy saying he was going to open a coffee shop.  I was like ‘How many cups of coffee do you have to sell to make any money’ Coffee then was certainly less than a buck a cup. But he told me that no this was a different type of coffee shop. A destination.  With fancy coffee drinks and upscale pastries.  Like they have in San Francisco he said.  I shook my head, not understanding what was coming.  Now coffee shops like he described are everywhere.  Not just the national chains, but Ma and Pa type places too. And they are a welcome addition to society. Who among us doesn’t like to go to a coffee shop and just hang out having a cup o joe, and maybe doing some work, or maybe just people watching. Or should I say,’ didn’t’ like to, because I haven’t been inside a coffee shop since mid March.

No matter if you order a drink that takes sentence after sentence with variation after variation or just a cup of plain ole drip coffee, Happy National Coffee Day.

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