Well, Massachusetts too. but generally speaking, I think we all agree as of 1820, none of us really give one single hoot what happens in Massachusetts.

But, in Maine and Mass., today is Patriot's Day. According to Wikipedia, Patriot's Day originally began as a celebration of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, both located in Massachusetts. This affects us, of course, because Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise. And the most widely known celebration of Patriot's Day is the Boston Marathon, going steadily since 1895.

Originally it was always April 19th, because that was the actual day of the battles. But in 1969, it was moved to the third Monday in April. And every so often, it happens to fall right on Tax Day. Such as this year. So there's no state, county, or municipal offices open. Since it's not a federal holiday, federal services are not typically interrupted.

But because of that, no state tax stuff will be processed. So, Maine (and Mass.) get two extra days to get the job done! So if you've been freaking out about not having everything quite ready, you are in luck! It doesn't happen this way every year, but it's sure nice when it does. It's sort of like the elusive five-paycheck month. Financial unicorns are everywhere!

So yeah, take a deep breath, relax, and feel free to let your tax stuff sit on the counter for an extra couple days. And then quietly thank Massachusetts for doing us a favor. For real, though. Not out loud. they'd never let us live it down.

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