Shaving. It’s not for everyone. And not every day. Have you noticed in the past bunch of years that more and more men are sporting stubble and seasonal beards.

I once had a beard, but it wasn’t a pretty sight, so I lost it after a short time. Then I became one of those shave every single day, weekends included guys. But in the past couple of years, I’m back sliding. First it was skipping a day here or there.  And not shaving on the weekend either. Then it became no more then shaving every other day.  You know where this is going I’d bet. Now it two or three days between shaves all the time. The 'new normal'. Gee, did I just work in that tired, over used phrase into a bit about shaving. Sorry.

I know trends and styles change over time. I once played on a hockey team where almost every single guy had a mustache, so we changed the name of the team to The Staches. The logo was NHL quality.

Scott Miller Collection
Scott Miller Collection

So Is shaving not an everyday thing anymore? I know the darker your hair the more it shows when you don’t shave every day, but how many guys actually shave twice a day, and that was once very common.  Once in the morning, and again in the evening before going out to dinner. I think we can all celebrate the end of that trend. Or at least men can celebrate it.  Bottom line, shave.  Or don’t.

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