While listening to the Fresh Track of the Day yesterday and the song Good Day2021 by Brett Eldredge, I couldn’t help but think of Brett and the story I read on Taste of Country when he was talking about his personal mental health and his personal therapy.

Not too often we read about country stars talking about therapy. Lots of artists have a macho, beer drinking, get any girl he wants imagine and to me it was nice to read the honesty expressed by Brett Eldredge.

So I googled around a little bit. And read “1 in 3 Mainers say they would seek medication over therapy when feeling down.”

Also more of us have become more closed off about their emotions during the pandemic. It’s tough at time to stop and even think or figure out what we’re feeling. Lots of lives have been turned upside down, and people don’t always react and deal with things the same way. It’s easy to say we’re all dealing with the pandemic and ‘I’m doing fine, why aren’t you”. You know the old statement ‘walk a mile in my shoes’. We have no idea what someone else is going through on the inside, no matter their exterior look. Some have lost jobs and are truly struggling. Some have lost relatives and friends to Coronavirus. And everyone deals with things differently.

Back to Brett Eldredge and the song, He says that therapy helps him to understand his thoughts, and from that he feels stronger.

Here’s to the stigma about therapy going away in Nashville, and everywhere else.

Be kind.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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