Thomas Rhett isn’t a dad yet, but if how he interacted with 11-year-old Sofia onstage is any indication, he’ll be ready.

The spunky singer-songwriter joined Rhett onstage during a pre-show Q&A session after the artist had learned she’d written a song about his wife. Sofia had apparently brought charts, and had them at the ready so Rhett could strum along.

“Are you famous? Do I know you from somewhere?” Rhett asked her before beginning the song.

“No. I know you, though!” she exclaimed as Rhett laughed.

Sofia’s confidence and fun personality shone through as she apologized for writing things in an unusual way on the chart and cheerfully agreed to play the song in a style Rhett suggested as if it were a co-write session. Sofia demonstrated one section to a stunned Rhett, who looked at the audience and declared his allegiance to her right then.

Thomas Rhett, Wife Lauren Show off Baby Bump on Red Carpet

"My name is Thomas Rhett, president of Home Team recording, and here’s a contract that says everything you do 'til you’re 40 is mine,” he joked.

“That’s cool,” Sofia agreed. “I’m okay with that."

The young singer began the song as Rhett accompanied her, winning over the audience instantly. They sang the first verse of the tune together — which is pretty catchy, we might say.

She didn’t let the opportunity go to get Rhett to sign her boot before she got offstage, though.

“I know, I’m sorry. I ask a lot,” she quipped.

“It’s okay, you’re cute,” he conceded.

Check out the whole adorable scene in the video clip above.

Rhett recently sang his latest no. 1, “Star of the Show,” at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, where on the red carpet fans got to see a glimpse of Lauren’s baby bump for the first time. In addition to expecting their first child, the couple are also in the process of adopting from Africa (which prompted Sofia to get two stuffed animals for their babies, as she mentions in the video above).

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