According to the National Weather Service in Caribou, Bangor almost set a record this year. Sadly, it wasn't one that most would be particularly excited about. It's never something awesome like how many DJ's we can fit in a VW Beetle, or eating the most whoopie pies all in one sitting. Nope. We almost had the coldest November we've ever had.

The previous record was set in 1939. In the nearly 80 years that have passed since then, I imagine there were times when it felt much colder. But it was only that one time. According to the NWS, Bangor averaged 3.5 - 5.5 degrees lower than normal. And not to be outdone, it was also one of the wettest Novembers in recent history. thanks in part to the several inches of snow we got.

Snowfall averages are up 250% - 500% above average for this time of year. I even read somewhere online that this time last year, we had used a mere 4200 pounds of road salt. But so far this year, we're over 20,000! So, as usual, Mother Nature is just out to show us who's boss....and you guessed ain't us!

Now, I get it, you're not likely to run into the street bragging about Bangor's near record setting year. But least we're on the map for something. Even if it's creating the need for someone to invent warmers for every other part of the body besides the ears. Woohoo! Go Bangor!

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