Ever wanted to see the largest tree in Veazie? Or at least a nice hike? Here's how to get there.

Veazie's largest tree is located in Manter Wood, an area of land granted to the Orono Land Trust in 2006. The public trail makes a loop and connects to nearby McPhetres Forest. On the loop you will find Manter Pine.

Manter Pine is has been recorded as the largest tree in Veazie as it measures 16ft in circumference! The tree can be reached easily during daylight hours, year round. The hike is only about .3 miles and dogs are allowed on a leash. A diversity of trees and flora exist in Manter Wood, so Manter Pine isn't the only attraction.

The trail head is across from Arbor Drive off Rt 2, however there is no parking here. Read more about the tree, Manter Wood, and see a map here.

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