Maine TikTok superstar, Adam Libby has some pretty nifty videos that will make you want to strap on the ol’ feed bag.

Adam Libby is one heck of a cook. He, and his sister who hail from Lincoln, put together two videos each week that show off Adam’s rather impressive chef skills, and people are loving it.

Adam’s TikTok page has a whopping 2.4 million followers and his videos have received over 26.8 million likes. And just about every single time I check his videos out, I notice that the number takes a huge jump. People are really responding to his content.

He recently posted a video of the TikTok clip that got the ball rolling, back in August of 2021. And as you can see from some of the comments below, people really appreciate his success

Sara McCormick-Libby

Congrats on all of your success, Chef Adam!

Richie Schneider

These videos always cheer me up. Chef Adam has such a positive attitude. Youtube has made some really bad recommendations in the past for me, especially for shorts, but I'm glad they recommended this channel. I hope he's as successful on here as he has been on Tiktok.


God bless you I pray for nothing but positivity for you because you’re amazing and I wish I could be your friend

Jonah Wapachee

Watching the videos I’m developing a new skill, tasting the food through the screen. I bet it’s nothing like the real thing tho! That looks like the best pizza I’ve ever seen! Mouth watering

Connor Osborne

This brings tears of happiness to my eyes reminds me so much of my younger brother keep it going Adam

He was born with Down Syndrome, and his TikTok success makes for an amazing and inspiring story that can't help but make you feel good. Plus. you can learn quite a bit about cooking some mouth-watering meals.'

Adam was a winner at the 2022 Cheer Choice Awards, held at the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas! The Cheer Choice Awards honors positive creators on social media. Adam won in the cooking category, and for bringing people folks happiness through his TikTok and YouTube videos during the pandemic and beyond.

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