Fire up the grill, and eat like a king! Chef Adam Libby has the hookup!

Summer is in full swing here in the state of Maine, and that means sitting out in the backyard and enjoying some delicious food.

Maine TikTok superstar, Adam Libby has some pretty nifty videos that will make you want to strap on the ol’ feed bag.

Adam Libby is one heck of a cook. He, and his sister who hail from Lincoln, put together two videos each week that show off Adam’s rather impressive chef skills, and people are loving it.

Adam’s TikTok page has a whopping 2 million followers and his videos have received over 19.2 million likes. And just about every single time I check his videos out, I notice that the number takes a huge jump. People are really responding to his content.

He was born with Down Syndrome, and his TikTok success makes for an amazing and inspiring story that can't help but make you feel good. Plus. you can learn quite a bit about cooking some mouth-watering meals.

Take full advantage of these killer recipes, all summer long. They may not come out as good as the videos that Adam posts, but why not give it a try? This is the season to kick back, and eat some tasty treats with friends and family!

Smash burgers:

Pork belly burnt ends:

Lollipop chicken:

Brisket breakfast sandwich:

Hot dogs:

And you can't have hot dogs without...Smoked Beans:

Iced Coffee

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