Listen, we like dollar stores as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous.

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We’re not sure if this is a trend, a movement, or an organized attack, however, it’s happening here, and it’s happening fast and vigorously.

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First off, what are we talking about? What do you mean by 'violating?'

There’s a social media movement happening in our New England region, and it's just a little concerning. And by 'just a little,' it’s very concerning.

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The TikTok account 'HumpDollarStores,' as juvenile as it sounds, has tens of thousands of followers, with nearly 1 million total likes, and millions of views across their dozens of videos documenting folks, well, doing what the name of their page suggests.

Additionally, 'HumpDollarStores' is also their Instagram handle, where they have over 100k followers, and follow only three accounts: Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General.

So, it’s clear, these guys love dollar stores, probably a little too much.

Again, it’s unclear exactly what this is. However, two things are clear: it’s bizarre, and it’s local.

Videos of folks, well, humping dollar stores range all across the Pine Tree State and beyond.

From Belfast, to Belmont, to Union, to Litchfield, to Old Orchard Beach, to Greene, to Lewiston, to Milford, to our state capital Augusta, clearly, if there’s a dollar store, these folks will find it, and they will hump it.

Also, are Family Dollar and Dollar General even considered 'dollar stores' anymore? What exactly gets these guys going? Is it the idea that things are cheap? Or is it just as long as it has 'dollar' in the name?

This has to be against some sort of law, right?

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