Put away that plastic! These places in Bangor only accept cash as payment.

Alex Wong, Getty Images
Alex Wong, Getty Images

These places in Bangor have great food and reputations, but something you may not know -- and need to know before going -- is that these places only accept cash! So many people these days don't even carry cash on them, here are some places you must check out

Gosselin's Bakery, 334 Harlow St.

Known for their big, tasty donuts and other fresh baked goods, Gosselin's is a longstanding family business in the downtown area. They also only take cash or check so don't forget that!

Friars' Bakehouse, 21 Central St.

Homemade soups and sandwiches served daily by friendly area friars. Some of the best breakfast in the area with great coffee as well. But don't forget some cash! They also have a no phone policy so leave your phone at home with your credit cards.

Tesoro Pizzeria and Restaurant, 114 Harlow St.

Tesoro's has been an staple in the downtown area for a long time with a great reputation behind them for authentic Italian cuisine. Don't forget your cash though!

The Waverly, 36 Merchants Plaza

The Waverly is one of Bangor's best dive bars. Cash only, please!

The Bat Bus

Most public transportation in the city requires cash payment. Don't hop on the Bat Bus with just a debit card or you won't get very far.

Where else can you only use cash in the city? We will add it to our list!

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