I saw the study on the internet, but it was on WIkipedia, so who knows how much is fact, how much is just somebody spouting off, like it's social media.

First one I thought of, thanks to Discovery Channel. Shark!

Go ahead, jump in. I know there were some sightings mostly in Southern Maine earlier this summer, but fact is that sharks only eat a handful of humans a year. Just writing that I am hearing the Jaws movie theme song in my head. But sharks are not on the list.

On to the actual list.

At number 5 Komodo dragons. And look what eating humans does to their skin.  Awful.


Oh my. here comes a scary sight. Bears are next on the list at number 4.



Wouldn't want to get too close to that guy.

Here's a better looking bear

Richard T Gagnon

Go Black Bears.

On with the list and number 3. Thankfully not native to Maine, the crocodile will eat you. And probably in record time. Those are some chompers they have.


Next, and at number 2, the tiger


What a beautiful animal the tiger is, some might say 'They're Great', right Tony.

Before we get to Number 1, here's who eats us the most in Maine. 

The mosquito.  Remember when you get bitten, don't itch it. Rub it.

On to Number 1 from what animals will eat you. Eating 25 to 250 humans a year, the biggest man eater there is, is the lion.



Sorry to say this Mr Lion, but you don't look so mean.  First of all, you look like you just woke up. Probably hungry, right?


Okay, I'm gone. Nice teeth though.

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