Nothing like local theater.  Especially when it relates to and has meaning with the citizenry.

Here is a great example.

Theatre Nouveau in Belfast, a new theater company with a social conscience has announced their second production.

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Addiction Speaks Again – a contemporary tragedy will run at The Basil Burwell Theatre, 17 Court Street in Belfast beginning October 27th and running through November 5th.

This production follows the company’s sold out production of The Madwoman of Chaillot – Uncensored.

Artistic Director Suzanne Ramczyk will direct Addiction Speaks Again and says:

The subject manner, substance abuse, is as relevant today as it was for years ago, the current statistics for Maine and Waldo County attest to this fact.

It is worth noting that the cast is all from the MidCoast of Maine.

Theatre Nouveau
Theatre Nouveau

Pictured in photo, from left to right:                                                                              Front row: Beverly Mann, Peter Conant, Susan McConnell                                        Back row: Elisabeth Goodridge, Kathleen Reilly, Cory Burns

The play brings to life true stories of addiction obtained from people who live in Maine and those from away, and is a new adaption of the original 2019 play. This play, unlike the original, is a Greek tragedy expressing the profound expressions of loss, grief and injustice.

Tickets are now on sale and available at the Theatre Nouveau website.

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