Today is national Kool-Aid Day.  Oh yeah.  Immediately I am back in childhood, reaching in to the refrigerator looking for the pitcher.  My memory, without any cheat sheet, recalls it would be either grape flavor or orange.  I will keep thinking of other flavors my Mom would buy.  And just a side note, if us kids went shopping with Mom, somehow there were a lot more envelopes of Kool-Air than usual in the shopping cart when we got to the checkout

Okay, in today’s world if ever I were to purchase packages of Kool-Aid, as an adult, I’d lean towards Lemon-Lime and Black Cherry.  And I just looked up the price of Kool-Aid.  Amazon has a box of 50 packets for $26.  So 50 cents each.  Don’t quote me, but I think they were between 5 and 10 cents when I was a kid.

In these waning days of summer, instead of whining I’m going to get me some Kool-Aid. Remember that 'Kool-Aid Smile'?

Anyone remember their jingle/tv commercial?  Kool Aid, Kool Aid the very best drink you ever made!

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