You know about the general rules, but what about these rules that could save you some embarrassment, or help the people around you?

As the first Waterfront Concert approaches for the season we thought we would remind you of some of the generally known, but not publicized rules of the concert season. Here's what we came up with:

1. Don't Bring Anything Valuable-

Waterfront Concerts are unpredictable in many aspects. You never know what the crowd size will be like, or the weather. So don't bring everything you own because it is easy to lose it! Extra tip: Make sure things like keys that you have to bring but don't want to loose are in a secure pocket or even attached to you in some way. Don't forget the clear bag policy is still in effect as well!

2. Have Line Etiquette-

Lines to get in, lines for drinks, lines for the bathrooms, lines are everywhere at waterfront concerts. In order to make things more enjoyable for all is some practicing some line etiquette like: Don't cut, don't save spots for friends to jump in line, don't crowd the person ahead of you, make friends while in line, and allow those trying to pass though the line through.

3. Wear the Right Shoes-

Don't wear heels! You will be walking and standing a lot. We know you want to look hot! But you will not if you get stuck in the sometimes muddy grass area. Flip flops are also not the best idea as you run the risk of getting stepped on or getting something like beer spilled on your feet.

4. Don't Watch the Show Through Your Phone-

Or worse, your ipad! You used to see lighters waving in the air at concerts, now the glow over the crowd belongs to hundreds of cell phones. We understand taking a few photos, Snapchats, videos, but please don't be snapping flash photos or taking video of the entire show. You are there to enjoy it! Plus your phone may be blocking someone's view.

5. Don't Go to the Bathroom Unless You're in a Bathroom-

We know the lines for the porta-potties can be crazy long and when you gotta go, you gotta go! But please plan ahead, don't wait for the last minute to get in line. If you do 'go' outside of the bathrooms someone has to clean it up, or someone will walk though it, or sit in it, or touch it. Just, be respectful.

6. Have Smoking Etiquette-

Waterfront Concerts take place at an outside venue and smoking is allowed. However in recent years there have been measures to designate certain smoking areas to keep the grounds clean and everyone happy. Please don't be that person who lights up in the middle of the crowd after you think no one is watching or cares. There may be children around, or those with allergies to smoke. Please mind the smoking area signs.

7. Don't Try To Cross the Sound Stage to get to the Other Side-

Yes, people try to do this. But please don't. We know it may seem like the easiest way to get from one side of the lawn to the other but it is a bother to those watching the show from there. This is also where crew is trying to do production for the show and you should stay out of their way. Plus, security is always posted near the stairs and they won't let you pass.

8. Have Fun-

Don't be afraid to dance, sing, and generally let loose! None of that is against the rules! If it rains, embrace it! If the sound is too quiet for you, scream the lyrics! Make the best of these shows because they are one of the funnest things Bangor has to offer!

What are some other rules to add to our list?

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