It was a night of fun and education at the Cole Land Transportation Museum earlier this week when they made the mannequins come to life during a Night At the Museum.

What's Inside the Museum?

I hate to admit this, but I'd never been to the museum before a couple of weeks ago. And once I'd walked around, I couldn't believe I'd nearly missed such a cool destination. I love all the antique cars and trucks, firetrucks, snowplows, motorcycles, train cars, and more that make up the Cole Lane Transportation Museum. Every once in a while, as you walk around, you'll see a mannequin dressed in a period costume. But on Thursday, those mannequins came to life.

How Was the Night at the Museum Different?

No, it's not quite like that awesome Adam Sandler movie. Instead, volunteers donned the antique clothing and stood in the area where the mannequins are usually found. Each volunteer had a tale to tell, about how the machinery worked, and how different life was in the 'olden days,' and then they would answer questions from kids of all ages. Kudos to all the volunteers who did an amazing job and made it a fun night for everyone.

What's With the Engineer's Hats in the Photo?

Anytime kids visit the museum, they can complete a scavenger hunt. Each child is given a clipboard and marker, along with a plastic sheet full of pictures, with a goal of finding each item pictured on the sheet. Normally, when kids return the completed form to the desk, the prize is a free postcard, but at the Night at the Museum, kids were treated to a gift bag. Inside, they found a wooden train whistle, an engineer's hat, and a bandana, so they could look like honest-to-goodness engineers.

If you missed it this time around, I encourage you to attend next time the Cole Land Transportation Museum holds a Night at the Museum. It was great fun for all ages.

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