The Maine Supreme Court has decided not to lift the hunting ban on Sundays.

Hunting on Sundays in Maine Has Always Been Off-Limits

Hunting for a variety of game animals is a favorite sport for many Maine residents. But Sunday has always been off-limits, a restriction that has often been challenged by legislators and hunting enthusiasts, but has never changed.

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On Thursday, the state's highest court again said no to lifting the ban and allowing hunting on Sunday. According to the ruling, the current statute says that a 'person may not...hunt wild animals or wild birds on Sunday.'

The Challenge to the Sunday Hunting Ban Was Based On the Right to Food

The latest attempt to overturn the restriction was filed by a couple who cited the right-to-food amendment to the state's Constitution, saying that it should allow for people to hunt seven days a week, in order to access game meat. The Supreme Court disagreed.

Tom Doak, Maine Woodland Owners' Executive Director is glad the issue has now been settled, including whether the hunting ban violates the 'Right to Food' amendment.

This decision is a victory for landowners, who deserve just one day a week to enjoy and share their land with the general public hunting-free.

Maine Woodland Owners joined with other organizations to file a brief that stated the lifting of the Sunday hunting ban would not advance the Right to Food initiative, but would rather adversely impact other outdoor activities.

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Maine Supreme Court Explains Why That Amendment Does Not Apply

The ruling alludes to the fact that the right-to-harvest includes hunting, but not when the harvest or hunt breaks the law. Since hunting on Sunday is illegal in Maine, the amendment does not apply. Read the full ruling here.

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