Here we go animal lovers. In Brownville, Maine way up north of Bangor...the deer are in the mood for food. Luckily for them, there's a huge buffet available just for them. Us Mainers love a good buffet and that includes some of our wild neighbors.

While this spread is intended for the many white-tailed deer in the area, it's generally likely that you'll see some turkeys crash the dinner party too.

This magical place is called Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer.

According to the description on their YouTube Channel, the pantry "feeds approximately 400 pounds per day of native oats (local) to help sustain the white-tailed deer population through rough winters here in central Maine."

It also states that, "Feeding happens daily around 09: 00 (9 AM) Eastern Standard Time starting December 16 and continues to the beginning of April. These are wild deer and this is not a deer farm." So that's very cool. We've got a good solid month left to be a fly on the wall and watch these beauties.

They have several livestreams of capturing all the action of their guests from different points of view.  

It really is amazing how many show up to dine. Must be some awful good oats!

.I've never seen a blue-eyed deer before. Have you?

You can help feed the deer too. Click here for the GoFundMe page to make a donation.  


Here's a great interview to learn more about the man who feeds them, Richard McMahon (pictured above) and Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer. The story is from YouTube user Brenna Kelly of WABI TV5 News.

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