We'd always heard that lynx are likely to wander alone. So that makes this sighting of three together, even more special.

According to a post from Mary Somerville on the My Aroostook Facebook page, this rare sighting happened for her son while he was snowmobiling recently. She wrote in the comments section that "He was at Portage Lake."

The video starts with the appearance one big cat. That's pretty exciting all by itself. Then, along comes another one. To which Mary's son Geoffrey exclaims, "Holy cow...two of 'em."

Then he pans his lens over to the left side of the trail and catches a third one on video. Astonishing, right?

As you can see, there is still plenty of snow up there and that makes for a hard to miss spotting of these gorgeous creatures against the ground blanketed in white. We love to hear the hushed thrill in his voice as he does his best to keep his volume down.

Isn't it uncommon enough to come across one lynx while we're out in the willy wags?  This lucky Mainer met with three!

A second video shows them headed off the trail and back into the woods. Geoffrey also gives us a look at the huge paw prints the trio left behind in the snow.

Great videos like this remind us of how incredible it is to live in a state like ours, so rich with magnificent wildlife. We are truly blessed.

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