I'm sure most of remember last year, hearing all about the great black hawk that found itself a little too far up north here, at a very hard time of year. Sadly, that hawk was so badly frost bitten it had to be euthanized. But the poor little bird had everyone rooting for it, and it saddened many around the state when it had to be put down.

Then there was some discussion for some time afterward, about an appropriate way to honor the hawk. It was eventually decided that it would be mounted and out on display at the Maine State Museum in Augusta. And now, that's finally about to happen.

Taxidermist Tom Berube of Poland was the one who mounted the great black hawk. And fittingly did so by mounting it on a squirrel, as though it had just caught it, or was about to eat it. People who'd been watching the bird since it's arrival in Maine of August of 2018 commented on how much it loved squirrels, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Here's what Berube, a taxidermist of over 30 years had to say to the PPH about the experience:

It’s a jungle bird that lives in the Amazon and probably – no, it is – the rarest bird I will ever do in my life. It was an honor to be chosen to do this mount.


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