Now's the time when Mainers really show their super powers by holding off on turning on the heat.

It really is a practice of willpower fueled by our stubbornness and tightwad mentality.

Every kid who grows up in Maine knows that now is the time to double up on socks and to pick a favorite hoodie that will likely be your all day wear -- maybe even part of your pajama ensemble.

Turning on the heat before October 1 or even November 1 is a tradition I learned at school. Sitting in the old bell tower of Hampden Academy in 2002, students would not only studiously learn during Ms. Finland's English class but also bundle up in several layers and countdown the days for the heat to be turned on.

Now, as an adult, waiting to turn on the heat is a vicarious balance that includes keeping humans warm without using expensive oil versus gauging how cold the water pipes are so that they don't freeze and burst. Then you have an even more expensive problem on your hands.

Over the years, you break down and wear thermal underwear, which ends up becoming quite normal and very acceptable.

You also learn little tricks to keep you and the other people in your home warm, like:

  • Using the oven whenever possible, which includes lots of roasts and baked items
  • Really taking advantage of the sunlight by pulling back the curtains and lifting the blinds
  • Assigning a blanket to every seat in the house
  • Bringing out the heating pad for a warmth splurge sesh
  • Of course, multiple layers
  • Drinking

However you Mainers execute this tradition is up to you but stay strong and don't touch that thermostat until at least October 1.

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