Pretty much every day since we bought our new house, I've personally been pretty excited to have a well. I know they can present their own set of issues from time to time, but feeling like I'm ever-so-slightly off the grid makes me pretty happy. Especially now that the Bangor Water District has said it is looking to raise its rates a bit by the end of the year, says Fox22 - Bangor.

Now, before you go throwing your arms in the air, they haven't announced exactly when it's going to happen. But it will likely happen by the end of the year. Also, the increase really isn't an amount that you'll even feel. Maybe if you own a laundromat, or have 15 kids and do a lot of laundry and dishes. But most folks will not even feel the increase, which will range from 85 cents to $1.30 each month.

That doesn't even feel like something you'd notice over a whole year. I feel like I lose that much in change out of my pocket and down under the seat in my car. In fact, there you go! Wanna scrape together thew extra bread for that bill? Look in the couch. Look under your car seat. Crack into the swear jar. Whatever.

But with customers all over the area, such as parts of Hampden, Eddington, Hermon, and Orrington, The BWD hopes to generate almost another half million dollars a year in revenue. They'll be using the extra money to upgrade old water lines, etc.

So keep an eye on your bill, but don't expect to be overwhelmed. Or even whelmed. Even my nephew could spare a dime to keep the water running. And I just might take him up on it.

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