Yes, we have no bananas. I know that was a song, before our time, but what does that mean.

When it comes to bananas we all have an opinion. Why should bananas be any different? Everybody has an opinion about everything. So when it comes to bananas, am I bananas?

Here’s where this comes from. I thought I knew everything there is to know about the Mrs. But when I picked a banana out of the fruit bowl, she said “You can put that one in the freezer since it’s too ripe. I’ll make banana bread soon.”

Here’s the banana in question:

Scott Miller

It's perfect for me. I've never observed what level of ripeness she prefers when it comes to bananas, I guess. Go ahead, say it. I need to pay better attention and be more attentive.

But of course, now I’m thinking what banana do you choose if you have a choice? They do have a habit of ripening very quickly once you bring them home from the store, don’t they?  But personally, that’s my banana. And here's hers.

Scott Miller

How about this one?

Scott Miller

That black, Ready for Banana Bread, banana came out of the freezer, with her saying “Want to eat this one instead?” Ha Ha. Then she told me her sister would only eat green bananas.


To each their own. I don't judge. But, am I that different? Since I like a softer texture for my banana eating, and spots on the peels suggest just that.

My guess is yellow and some spots are the most popular way to eat a banana unless it’s banana bread. And isn’t banana bread some good?  So Mainers, you tell me. Am I wrong?  How do you like your bananas?

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