As the pandemic unfolded in Maine and restrictions were put into place on restaurants across the state, there were vocal critics of Governor Janet Mills' policies. Perhaps the most vocal (and visible) was the owner of Sunday River Brewing Company in Bethel, Rick Savage. Savage defied several requirements put in place and that defiance earned him 15 minutes of fame on Fox News and huge crowds. What it also earned Savage was additional attention from the State of Maine, which eventually rescinded his license to operate. By the end of 2020, it appeared Sunday River Brewing Company would be no more.

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According to the Sun-Journal, that won't be the case. A new owner has emerged and plans to reopen Sunday River Brewing Company as soon as next week. Michael Boland, who owns several restaurants in Maine already, is planning to put new management in place and is currently hiring staff with the expectation that Sunday River Brewing Company will open soon. Boland plans to revamp some of the menu while making small changes to the restaurant itself. Otherwise, longtime guests can reasonably expect to have the same experience at the establishment that they did pre-pandemic.

As for Rick Savage and his brother Ron (also once an owner of Sunday River Brewing Company), neither will have anything to do with the restaurant moving forward. Both brothers are involved in several different businesses in the area, including a robust real estate brokerage.

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