Do you ride sketchy little wooden boards down a hill for fun?

I personally don't fully understand skiing. I'm generally a giant 'fraidy-cat, so the idea of hurtling myself down the side of a mountain at light speed doesn't sound as appealing. On the other hand, we live in Maine and there's not a whole lot else to do in the winter. Truly, ice fishing is about as dangerous as I like to get in the winter.

Sugarloaf is looking ten years down the road.

Recently, according to Fox ABC Maine, Sugarloaf just announced their ten year plan, for the moment anyway. It involves developing over 450 acres of land on West Mountain, into several different uses for the popular ski destination. So yes, that means a lot of new and exciting things for skiers to enjoy.

For instance, they plan to add a new high-speed lift, more beginner and intermediate trails, and some 75 real estate lots to expand their living areas around the mountain. Apparently it's been a big need of theirs for a long time, and they're psyched to finally get all these improvements rolling.

Winter sports aren't going anywhere in Maine.

As stated earlier, there's only so much to do during the Maine winters. Sure, you could be like me, and engage in some super dangerous ice fishing, or maybe go to Belfast and join the curling club, but a lot folks want the thrill of the ride down a steep mountain. You go for it, dude.

I'll just be back in the lodge, having an adult beverage by the fire, staying warm. Yes, I really do know how to live dangerously.

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