I’m thinking if Hallmark Channel can do Christmas in July, all Christmas movies for how many days this month, then it’s okay that I bring up Thanksgiving. Actually Black Friday.

Yes, that’s why the photo of all that great food. Don’t get me started on turkey and stuffing and yams and yes even green bean casserole.  Nothing like gathering around the table at Thanksgiving and eating.  And of course expressing all that we are thankful for.  This year might be a little more difficult in that department.

Black Friday might be very different this year. Think about it.  With all the social distancing, and limited number of people in stores at a time and the shift in the general public’s thoughts about retail that has taken place since mid-March. Not that I’m a fan of opening stores at Midnight and those type things that take away from the ‘thankful’ part of Thanksgiving. I’m grateful that Maine has tighter laws about retail operating hours during the Thanksgiving holiday than other states have. Do we really need to be running out the door on that Thursday evening to get ‘whatever’.  Can’t it wait until a more reasonable time, even if it is the next morning?

Tom Pennington
Tom Pennington

I’m extremely curious what ‘shape’ we’ll all be in.  Not just because we over ate, but by this Thanksgiving we will have had the federal election and who knows what kind of ‘reactions’ we’ll have experienced by Thanksgiving. Bonus though, if the madness of Black Friday is curtailed even some, that’s a good thing.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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