A Springvale woman faces multiple charges after hitting a police cruiser in Lebanon, and barely missing a tow truck driver.

On Saturday, a fully marked State Police cruiser was parked behind a tow truck from Chandlers Towing and Recovery, at the intersection of Route 202 and Blaisdell Corner Road in Lebanon. The tow truck driver was in the process of putting a pickup truck on its flatbed, with its emergency lights on, when a car driven by 22-year-old Molly Foisy approached at a high rate of speed.

While other vehicles slowed to around 20 mph as they passed the scene, Foisy's vehicle did not, and she struck the fully marked cruiser, narrowly missing hitting the tow truck driver. Police say a field sobriety test was administered before Foisy was taken into custody, charged with Operating Under the Influence and Driving to Endanger. She was also issued citations for a Move Over violation and Texting While Driving.

Foisy was transported to the York County Jail, where bail was set at $500. In addition, an Intoxilyzer test was administered and she was found to be over the legal limit. No one was hurt in the accident that remains under investigation.

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