Personally, I wouldn't miss them. I never use them. But most use this item, which might soon be 'Oh Yeah, I remember those things'. Straws. The UK is currently considering banning plastic straws. In the US, Seattle, Malibu and Miami Beach have new straw laws. McDonald's is taking a look at the issue, and so is Alaska Airlines. Doing away with straws, because they get thrown away, to the tune of millions and millions everyday. And they take forever to break down. Ending up littering our land, or in the world's oceans causing just as many problems.

So there will come a time when we talk about something being 'the last straw', and it's actually going to be....the last straw.

There are reusable stainless steel straws you can own and use over and over again, so don't sweat what might have to happen for the good of all.

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