Students from Hermon Pre-K, Elementary School, and Middle School stopped by Danforth's on Thursday to donate to the Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride. Thanks!

It was the best way to start a four-hour shift at Danforth's. A line of little ones, followed by some very thoughtful teens, came by to leave their donations. The plastic bottles are full of change collected by the younger kids. I asked them how much they had, and got a very loud answer..."A LOT!!"

After it was all counted, it came to a little over $210.00. Wow! We gave the Coinstar machine a workout, and Danforth's manager, Bret Danforth (whose son was among the classmates) agreed to make up for the service charge. Thanks to my morning show cohort, Scott Miller, and Dylan from Danforth's for helping me dump all that change into the machine. It took a while!

Standing behind the kids was a group of teens from Mrs. Libby's class at Hermon Middle School. They had also collected money and gave me an envelope with $50 in it. Cool! It's so awesome to see young people learning the importance of helping others.

All that money will be given to the Pine Tree Camp for Children and Adults with Disabilities. It will be used to pay the portion of children's tuition to camp that their parents aren't able to pay. That way, no one gets turned away!

We also had a visit from Mike Nickerson of the Maine State Troopers Foundation. They donated $1,000! Thank you so much for thinking of the camp, and allowing us to channel it to them. We'll wear those 20 eggs proudly.

The Egg Ride is coming up on Saturday, so Friday is our last day of fundraising. I hope these generous folks encourage you to donate as well. It doesn't have to be a thousand bucks. It doesn't even have to be fifty. Whatever you can afford will help another kid get to camp. You can call (207) 991-9500, starting at 5:00 Friday morning to make a pledge. Or you can go on our website anytime to make a donation with a credit card.

And we'll be at Danforth's again on Friday until 9:00. Scott Miller will be there from 2 until sometime after 5. I'll be in at around 5:00 and will be joined by Amanda McDonald and Erik Owens until 9:00. We'd love to have you join us!

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